Classes and Registration

Who can attend CSTI classes? Are they free?

It depends on the course. Some courses are designed for professionals in specific roles. Other courses are open to anyone, free of charge. The description for each Learning Experience will specify who can take each course.

What happens if I am waitlisted for a class?

If you are waitlisted, keep that date open — you may be contacted at the last minute to attend the class. If your schedule changes and you no longer have that date available, please drop the class so the next person on the waitlist will have an opportunity to attend. If an opening for the class occurs and you are the next in line on the waitlist, you will be contacted by CSTI staff.

What happens if I have to leave a class before it is finished?

Participants who do not attend the entire class are considered “incomplete participants.” We do not provide partial training hours for incomplete participants. In some cases, incomplete participants can receive credit for the class by making arrangements with the provider to attend another class or complete makeup assignments.

How will I know if I am registered for a class?

After you register for a class, you will receive an initial email confirming your enrollment status (registered or waitlisted). Once registered, you can also see your status from your student dashboard by clicking “Upcoming Classes.”

How can I show my supervisor or coach that I completed a class?

Participants who have successfully completed a class are marked as “complete” in their profile in the online system under the Class History and Training Hours Tabs. You can print this page and provide it to your supervisor. Participants who are receiving coaching in Wraparound can designate the name of their coach in their Profile. The designated coach will be able to see all of the classes for which you have registered and the status of each one, so that they can track the requirements for the Credentialing process.

Help with My Account

I used to have an account under a different email address... I think. What do I do?

If you know or believe you already have an account with us, do not create a new one. Use the “Forgot Your Password” feature to recover your password. Next, contact CSTI Support. Provide your full name, email address, and address. We will track down your old account and merge all training records into your new account.

I have two accounts. What do I do?

Contact CSTI Support. Provide your full name, both email addresses associated with your two accounts, and your current home address. We will merge all training records into your most recently created account.

Getting Involved

How do I become a trainer?

If you are interested in becoming a trainer for CSTI, please contact Ashley Brock-Baca.

Common Technical Issues

What is my screen resolution, and how do I change it?

Are you taking an online training? Do you find that some of the material lies outside of your screen, and you keep having to scroll? You may have an unrecommended screen resolution. Click here to find out what your screen resolution is and how to change it.

What are Temporary Internet Files ("cache" and "cookies")?

Temporary Internet Files contain a record of the things you’ve read, heard, or downloaded from the web. They might be images, audio files, whole web pages, or cookies. Your browser stores these files to make loading pages faster. But when a new version of a web page or new information becomes available, the old cached version might still display. It’s time to clear your cache and cookies, and to restart your browser.

How do I tell if I need to clear my cache and cookies?

  • An online training appears jumpy, won’t let you navigate to a test or survey, or is displaying “funny” information.
  • Your login page refreshes every time you hit Submit, instead of logging you in.
  • You changed your password or email address and now can’t log in.
  • You notice classes not displaying correctly under Learning Experiences. You see old classes no longer available.

Browser Requirements

Internet Explorer 10 – or higher

Google Chrome 11 – or higher

Firefox 4 – or higher

Safari 5 – or higher